Our Cherlesbulldog journey all began in 1980 when I picked a stunning seal point English Bulldog for my 16th birthday.  Gaya became the love of my life, my true soul mate kitty who was by my side for fourteen wonderful years before he took his walk across the Rainbow Bridge.  I missed his love and presence so much and eventually decided to breed and show high-quality Russian Blues so we could share the magic of this spectacular breed with others.

Our goal is to breed not only stunning English Bull Dogs but to imprint them from birth to be bonded to humans, to truly become the soul mate puppies that my sweet Gaya was to me.  To do this, we have been working with strong, impressive pedigrees and enveloping them in an environment of love and attention.
The “we” of Cherlesbulldog is a group effort of myself, my kids, and my grandparents,  We purchased five acres of lush green land and our homes sit not one hundred yards from each other.  I have my own puppies, as do my kids, allowing us to keep the numbers of girls low in each household so everyone gets lots of attention and loving care.
Our boys have their own “puppy Cottage” where they are separated, but each has lots of room, cat trees and big windows to watch the birds at the feeders.
Our puppies live with us freely, and both households have a cats so all of the puppies are used to living with cats too.

We thank you for finding our website and encourage you to look at our kittens to see our lovely breeders, plus the newest additions in our Nursery.  If you are looking for the perfect English Bull Dog for your household, feel free to contact us.